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Welcome to Parade of Hearts All-Natural and Glitz Pageant site!

Welcome to our site!  We are so excited about OUR Parade of Hearts All-Natural Beauty and Glitz Pageants.  We started with All-Natural Pageant in February 2009 with our first Valentine pageant which was held in Livingston, Texas.  What a great success!!!  In 2010, we added Glitz and Swimsuit.  This past year, we have changed the agenda by adding prize tables and everyone will receive a crown, sash and trophy at every pageant. Now going into 2012-2013 Pageant Season, we are making positive changes that fits all families needs and raising pageantry to the highest.! Please continue thru our site and look at our pageant schedule, rates and our OPEN STATE GRAND FINALE Results for Pageant Season and information for our upcoming Pageant year.